Nordic Grafting Company A/S (NGC) was founded in October 2016 as a wholly-owned affiliate of Bjørn Thorsen A/S. Bjørn Thorsen has a global license agreement with ExxonMobil which allows NGC to utilize ExxonMobil’s patented technologies for grafting Vistamaxx™ performance polymers. This enables production and commercialization of the Acti-Tech™ compatibilizer portfolio.

Product Range


Acti-Tech compatibilizer is a new and innovative range of products from NGC. They have been developed on the base of maleic anhydride-grafted Vistamaxx performance polymers from ExxonMobil. Acti-Tech compatibilizer is manufactured through highly efficient melt-grafting processes, leading to high functionalization with controlled melt flow index (MFI) specifications. Key features of the product include: highly grafted monomer content, MFI adjusted for optimal dispersion, high flexibility, compatibility with all polyolefin, low free maleic acid content, etc. It can be customised to suit customers’ needs.

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